Too much screen time these days? Take ten. Tune out the world and reset with TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue. New to Canada, made with an ancient Japanese mineral recipe perfected over the centuries, this sweet, 100% natural cotton eye mask offers the ideal balm for exhaustion.

Simply open the sealed mask and place over the eyes to activate. A combination of iron, activated carbon and minerals produces up to 15 minutes of heat and moisture to ease, hydrate and soothe away the stresses of the screen and the day.

Marketed as a “spa rescue in a box” the on-the go with the 100% natural cotton masks provided in individually sealed masks.

Founded in 2020 in Toronto, TuneOut is creating awareness and providing a simple solution addressing better eye care due to prolonged exposure to digital screens and long working hours.

Available for purchase online at and at select LensCrafters and Kodak Lens stores through the eyeTrust Network.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We also encourage you to cuddle up on your couch with a print edition of Trends magazine; that’s a great time-out from your screen too.