Wolf & Porter

“We call it the Bruin; it’s shaped like a bear,” says Wolf & Porter co-founder Harvey Bremner. He stands by an elegant coffee table crafted from a single slab from a giant hardwood tree so massive you can count the growth rings. 

“My daughter and I sat and counted — there’s more than one hundred,” he says. 

Wolf & Porter’s luxurious tables are in a class of their own, each milled with a live edge and filled with rich, velvety tones of dark resins. They sit in some of the country’s most beautiful homes and are now on display at a new showroom on Enterprise Way in Kelowna. Custom designs range from large dining tables for grander residences to narrower coffee tables perfect for condo living. 

“The Okanagan boasts some of the most stunning homes in the country created by top architects, designers and builders, but homeowners were having to go outside the Valley, even Canada, to source quality artisan tables,” says Bremner. 

“You can absolutely have world-class furnishings in your home that you can come and pick, because it was built right here.”


Their expansive shop/showroom combo offers a balcony window to allow buyers to take a peek at the process. Each table is milled on-site from a stunningly massive single slab of wood.

“We create table art from slabs sustainably sourced from extremely rare and towering trees that have been growing for the past century but, due to disease or natural events, have unfortunately fallen or become dangerous,” says Bremner.

Partnering with the leading suppliers across North America, Wolf & Porter (wolfandporter.com) can source a variety of rare hardwoods for their unique creations.  

Passionate about the environment, the team works with each supplier to verify that sustainable standards are met. The company proudly supports the Ancient Forest Alliance, which works to protect endangered ancient forests in B.C. and to ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry. 

“Our goal is to provide our clients with something they cannot find anywhere else — these are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art.”


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