The glowing white heart on the roof of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for many North Okanagan residents since the early days of the pandemic. And now, as we embark on a new year, it brings a new feature that is sure to bring joy — the heart is now slowly pulsing and beating.

The Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation (VJHF) was proud to launch the #WhiteHeartsforVJH campaign in April, showing support for valued frontline workers and medical staff. As part of the campaign, a large LED white heart was constructed and placed on the roof of the hospital as a way to convey hope to residents throughout the North Okanagan.

“The heart has become a simple but inspiring part of the community since the beginning of the pandemic and our team is proud to have been behind the engineering and construction of such a wonderful uniting symbol. To have brought joy to members of our community, during what have been very trying times, has made us all incredibly happy,” says David Frost, division manager, Black & McDonald Limited.

“Our community truly came together in support of all essential workers, healthcare teams, and medical staff with our White Hearts campaign. Hearts are still peppered throughout our neighbourhoods, representing the strength, compassion and love for individuals working on the front lines and in essential roles. We are proud to have the heart on our roof beat as a beacon of hope and symbol of resiliency as we move into a new year that looks to be full of hope for all of us,” says Kate McBrearty, VJH Foundation executive director.

The large 20 by 20-foot white heart will continue to beat and illuminate the night sky for the month of January as a tribute to all essential workers who continue to work tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.