A new study by dating app, Dua.com has revealed that Tinder is the dating app people want to delete the most.   

The study analyzed numerous dating apps, measuring the global search volume for terms relating to deleting the app to arrive at the app most people want to delete.  

Tinder is the least popular dating app, with an average of 45,000 searches being made each month around the world for how to delete the app. When broken down, searches for “how to delete Tinder account” brought in the highest volume of 19,000 searches globally, and “delete Tinder account” saw 13,000 searches worldwide each month. The app has accumulated 80 million users — more than most apps, and therefore contributes to its high ranking in this study — over six years and 64,000 ratings on the Apple App Store. The app’s rating currently sits at 3.8 out of five.  

In second place is Badoo, with 22,000 worldwide searches each month for how to delete the app. Set up in 2006; the UK-based but internationally operating app has gathered 60 million users between 2015 and 2021.  

With 18,100 deletion related searches on Google each month, the dating site Plenty of Fish ranks third. When broken down, the term “how to delete Plenty of Fish account” is searched 6,900 times a month, and “delete Plenty of Fish account” has 5,400 average monthly searches.  

Searches to delete Bumble’s average at 8,400 every month, making it the fourth app users want to get rid of the most.  Users have searched for “how to delete Bumble account” 3,900 times on a global monthly average, followed by “delete Bumble account” being searched 2,400 times around the world. 

Happn takes the fifth spot with a worldwide deletion related search volume of 6,700 per month. With 15 million downloads, the app has received searches for “delete happn account” 2,000 times per month on average and “how to delete happn account” 1,800 times per month. 

Commenting on the study, Valon Asani from Dua.com said, “Daters are becoming more aware of what they want from not only relationships, but also the apps that enable said relationships. This study offers a fascinating insight into which apps are the least favorable among users and it will be interesting to see if this ranking changes as 2023 continues.”  

This study was conducted by Dua.com a nationality-based and meaningful dating app