Tired of being a slave to your phone for that work-related email? Just want to disconnect? You’re not alone.

But good news, work phones are making a comeback in the business world. Driven by concerns over data security and the rise of remote work, many companies are now providing their employees with separate work phones, creating a surge in sales for the telecom industry.

With concerns over Chinese-made devices and apps like TikTok, companies are opting for trusted manufacturers and secure devices equipped with robust security software to ensure that their data is protected. Among those sounding the alarm are researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Trinity College Dublin who found that an alarming number of preinstalled system and third-party apps on the Android OS are granted dangerous privileges.

“Through traffic analysis, we find these packages transmit to many third-party domains privacy sensitive information related to the user’s device, geolocation, user profile (phone number, app usage) and social relationships (e.g., call history), without consent or even notification,” says the report authors Haoyu Liu and Douglas Leith.

The use of work phones is also becoming increasingly important in the remote work era. As more employees work from home or outside the office, the need for secure devices and communication channels has become even more critical.

Why let work take over your personal life when you can have the best of both worlds? Could the comeback of the work phone bring back work-life balance? A dedicated device for work-related communication means employees can switch off from work emails and messages outside of working hours, reducing stress and preventing burnout.

So, say hello to a stress-free personal life and goodbye to work-related worries outside of office hours.