Our children joined us in the kitchen. Our pets comforted us. We zoomed our way through online courses and along parkways, and laughed at our out-of-control Covid hairdos. Amidst the isolation, uncertainty and fear, resilience, innovation and opportunity raised their hands. Offering us new ways to connect, the pandemic prompted us to forge a different lifestyle —  a changed culture that in some ways will live on.

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Summer 2021 Trends Magazine

  • Take up a new sport

    Take up a new sport

    Post pandemic living The winter blues propelled Nicole Mitchell to try something new. “I had to get out because I was going crazy inside my house.”  The pandemic further spurred on her new undertaking. She laughs at the good fortune of choosing a solitary sport, riding a unicycle.  “Hey, it’s a bonus. Everybody clears out […]

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  • Support our seniors

    Support our seniors

    Post pandemic living In January, Christa Koehler was involved in a serious car accident. With several broken ribs, a broken pelvis and internal injuries the 84-year-old Kamloops local was not expected to live.  Her struggles were compounded by the restrictions of COVID-19 protocols. With no nearby relatives and a no-friends policy to limit the spread…

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  • Move to a small city

    Move to a small city

    A growing post-pandemic trend; people are moving out of urban centres. New residents are a boost to the #Okanagan Valley and its small-city lifestyle

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  • Mental health matters

    Mental health matters

    The long-kept, closely guarded secret, “everyone isn’t fine,” is out of the bottle. The stigma surrounding mental health awareness and treatment will be buried for good.

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  • Grey hair: Fine for George Clooney but not Lisa LaFlamme?

    Grey hair: Fine for George Clooney but not Lisa LaFlamme?

    LaFlamme and her alleged experience of gendered ageism makes for some interesting comparisons. There are entire articles, forums, hashtags and social media sites that celebrate “silver foxes” (older men with grey or white hair). What is the equivalent of a silver fox for women? There isn’t.

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  • Go Grey

    Go Grey

    Post pandemic living Camping out at Silver Star Mountain Resort for most of this past winter, Marilyn Merler was often seen with her new grey locks poking out from under a toque or ski helmet. Not that she was hiding them. The Covid lockdown was the nudge the Vernon author and retired school principal, now…

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  • Dine in the street

    Dine in the street

    Post-pandemic living The yellow umbrellas of Sunny’s Modern Diner shade the early morning breakfast crowd from the already growing heat. Today the cheery banners flutter in the middle of Bernard Avenue in downtown Kelowna. When owners Audrey Surrao and Chef Rod Butters opened the diner in 2018, they saw the long and narrow footprint of…

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