A new art installation at the Kelowna Art Gallery aims to take viewers beneath the waves for an encounter with underwater sea life. Behind the remarkable piece is Lake Country-based artist Angela Hansen. She calls it BRINK.

“I’m inspired by the flora and fauna of our forests and ocean depths,” says Hansen. “My vision was to highlight the beauty of these unbelievably rich environments and also to draw attention to the threat of human activity to these treasured spaces.”

The sculptures that make up BRINK are made entirely using encaustic medium (paint mixed with bee’s wax) along with other natural, biodegradable materials. When arranged all together they appear as a coral reef. Viewers can delight in visually exploring the many colourful and other-worldly lifeforms. There is even a pearly golden octopus to be discovered amongst the densely populated sea floor.


“This is exactly what we were hoping for when we created this new installation space,” says Victoria Verge, Education Coordinator at the Gallery. “Working with encaustic is unbelievably time consuming and requires such a specialized artistic skill set. The resulting tableau Angela Hansen has created is breathtaking. We can’t wait for the community to enjoy it.”

BRINK can be seen in The Glass Gallery exhibition space until January 16, 2022.

The Glass Gallery space is intended to highlight the work of three emerging and early career artists each year. It is situated adjacent to the main entrance of the Kelowna Art Gallery at 1315 Water Street and can be viewed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.