Post pandemic living

Camping out at Silver Star Mountain Resort for most of this past winter, Marilyn Merler was often seen with her new grey locks poking out from under a toque or ski helmet. Not that she was hiding them.

The Covid lockdown was the nudge the Vernon author and retired school principal, now 64, needed to go grey. “I was toying with the idea. This was just a good excuse to do it. My younger sister had done it, and I said, OK if she can do it, I can. There’s nothing to lose here, so I might as well.”

It was a move her husband (who, Marilyn notes, has yet to turn grey) had long advocated for, saying she shouldn’t be using all those chemicals on her hair. It did get me thinking that maybe he was right, she confesses. 

Embracing the trend to go grey naturally had a great response from her friends and sisters. 

For her cohort, Marilyn is a pathfinder. “I have a group of girlfriends, the ones I do my ski weekend with, who took up the challenge too. “Except for one, all of the eight of us are doing it.”

Originally blonde, she found the need to highlight was happening more and more each year. “It’s been so nice, not having to worry about that part of the beauty routine.”

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