The Holiday Braille Box is an accessible box of Purdys chocolates designed specifically for, and with consultation from, the blind and partially sighted community. 

The initial run of the box sold out online in a matter of hours but will be available again in time for last minute holiday shopping. Purdys also announced that they will re-release the box in the new year in response to the overwhelming demand.

The box features braille orientation tabs, a braille chocolate legend and a QR code that brings users who are blind or partially sighted to an accessible screen reader version of the legend.

“The braille on the Purdys box is about more than accessibility, it’s about inclusion. It’s about feeling seen, heard, and cared about as a consumer and frankly, as a person,” says Molly Burke, a leading digital creator in the blind and partially sighted community. “Imagine going 27 years without being able to pick your own chocolates without the help of another person or technology, that’s been my life until now. This is more than a box of chocolates, it’s the sign of change.”

Purdys has also made a $10,000 CAD donation to the CNIB Foundation through Purple Partnerships, their philanthropic initiative.

The Holiday Braille Box will be available again to buy online at from December 15, 2021 or at select shops across Canada starting December 22, 2021.

Purdys shop locations that stock the Holiday Braille Box include Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna and the Village Green Shopping Centre in Vernon.