The latest innovation in the pet industry, a doggy bathroom —developed in Montréal and proudly made in Canada— is trending.

Launched in 2018, Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box for small and medium sized dogs, including males who lift their leg. 

Bathroom was founded by Alain Courchesne based in Montréal and was inspired after adopting his Italian greyhound, Sterling.

Montreal winters can be ruff, especially when your pet refuses to do their business outside. Fusing function and design, Alain created a solution to the unsightly pee pad on the floor offering, with a structure that is both sanitary and stylish.

“We’re so passionate about our pets but also the aesthetic of our spaces,” says Courchesne. “We wanted to find a solution that offered our small dogs a way to do their business privately but also blended into our home.” 

Designed for both squatters and leg lifters, the roomy Doggy Bathroom allows a dog to walk in, freely move around and use the bathroom easily, when they naturally need to. 

Made entirely of 100% recyclable plastic, the Doggy Bathroom is made with both sustainability and durability in mind. 

After its much anticipated reveal at SuperZoo Expo in Las Vegas, Doggy Bathroom launched on Kickstarter in 2019, and was successfully funded in less than 45 days. Backers from all over the world helped bring the project to life. 

Affectionately dubbed an ensuite for your dog, the Doggy Bathroom has everything needed to create a smart and stylish haven at home for your furry friend.