Caravan Farm Theatre has created a new immersive audio-driven Walk of Terror, and it promises to be the most terrifying yet. 

Walk of Terror: System Failure, their latest binaural sound experience/theatrical spectacle will run from Oct. 13 to 30. For three weeks, people will have the opportunity to experience a terrifyingly immersive 40-minute journey, complete with surround sound audio, spectacular set design, and the joltingly live performances by Kelowna’s premiere fire-spinning, stilt-walking performance troupe, Kinshira.

With sound design by Kate De Lorme and narration by six professional voice actors, Walk of Terror: System Failure explores what happens when a mysterious contagion starts to appear in the community.

“The audio by itself is terrifying,” says artistic and managing director Estelle Shook. “And then we build on that aural experience with lights, sets, and performers, so that when you walk the walk, you don’t know what is real and what isn’t. Mixing this media allows us to create a rich, authentic fantasy world.”

With six start times between 6 pm and 9 pm. nightly, groups are staggered and provided with sanitized MP3 players and headphones. Walking alone through the forest, without being able to see the group ahead, creates an isolating experience Shook compares to virtual reality. 

“This is a high calibre theatrical production, created and performed by professionals at the top of their game. We have a professional running crew who manage the entire performance in the woods, and so the entire experience is carefully orchestrated to produce maximum effect.”

This year’s Walk uses a strobe, haze, fog, disturbing images, mature subject matter, strong language, and is not suitable for children under 13. However, Shook says Caravan is considering a family-friendly variant of the Walk in the future.

“We see these Walks of Terror as medicine. A purge for the anxiety we all carry.  These days, we are in need of a lot of purging,” says Shook. “After a big scream and jump out of your skin, people feel better. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our community.” 

Tickets for the 18th annual Walk of Terror, on sale now, are available by phone at 1-866-546-8533 or by visiting Caravan online at